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What you will learn

The 10th Financial Partners EXPO in partnership with iGB Affiliate, an EXPO designed to bridge the gap between Brokers and Affiliates. FPE is the largest dedicated expo for affiliates and introducing brokers within the retail finance sector and is expecting over 5,000 delegates.

By attending the EXPO, you will engage with some of the industry’s brightest minds and have the opportunity to interact with top Affiliates. Critical game changing insights are sure to develop that will help you build stronger relationships and grow your reach via the affiliate channel.

If building your Affiliate business is important to you, reach out to us and see how you can engage with the audience at the event and evaluate the wide array of opportunities available at the show.

Join us and the hundreds of other companies who share the same vision, to educate our Affiliates on how to help us make our businesses better.

What we will do

This show is a great opportunity to do all of your business under one roof, meeting and building business in the online finance sector. More and more affiliates are looking at FX and Binary Options as another source of income. The Expo will focus on industry updates, analysis, trends and aims. Participating at this event will open a door for you to exchange ideas and experiences as well as gain tips and tricks for acquisition from marketing specialists, brokers & affiliate managers.

ExCeL London

The London Affiliate Conference 2018 is taking place at ExCeL London.

This venue accommodates the 50+ FPE exhibitors and the 110+ Brands total of the London Affiliate Conference.

It is located on a 100-acre site on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock in London Docklands, between Canary Wharf and London City Airport.




    13:00 - 19:00
    LAC and FPE Pre-registration opens

    Exhibitor pre-registration:
    Exhibitors will only be able to pre-register at the official hotel, so why not pick up your registration pack in advance and miss the queues! Once you've collected your passes, you will also be able to enter the exhibition hall should you wish in advance of the opening.

    Pre-registration for delegates:
    Delegates will be able to register one day before the exhibition opens, enabling you to walk straight into the exhibition the next day - no hassle, no queues and already armed with your badge, wristband and delegate guide. Pre-registration will be held between 1pm - 7pm. To avoid delays, please remember to bring your barcoded eticket with you.

    Pre-registration venue: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP

    Once you've registered, join us for a few drinks to meet your fellow delegates and celebrate your arrival in London.

    Venue: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP

    Join us for the first official networking party of LAC 2017 and enjoy networking with new faces and old.

    09:30 - 18:00
    LAC and FPE day 2 registration and exhibition opens

    Registration for the London Affiliate Conference and the Financial Partners Expo is now open. Please help yourself to complimentary tea and coffee on arrival. Please note that the exhibition closes at 18:00.

    Venue: ExCel London

    The conference chair for conference room 2 will welcome delegates to the conference and set out the agenda for the day.

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Jake Pollard

    The conference chair for conference room 1 will welcome delegates to the conference and set out the agenda for the day.

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Michael Caselli

    Google Penguin changed SEO forever. Before April 2012, you could easily buy a ranking position but that time is long gone. The Google Penguin spam filter is now part of Google’s core algorithm and works in real time. You need to keep an eye on your link profile and move on building high-quality links.

    Google confirmed that links are in the top two ranking factors, alongside great content. Therefore, you need to be able to structure your SEO efforts with the intention of creating sustainable and quality links.

    Google cares about links more than anything, and so should you.

    • Why links are the #1 ranking factor and will always be
    • How links are not all the same
    • The best sustainable link building methods in 2017 and beyond

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Christoph C. Cemper

    The ever popular and highly anticipated advanced SEO panel is back for LAC 2017. We celebrate 5 years of Penguin and offer technical expertise on the most successful SEO techniques of 2017. Were you impacted by the Penguin 4.0 roll out? Are you ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level to climb up the rankings? If so, this discussion is for you.

    Our SEO stars will be ready to answer your trickiest and advanced questions!

    • Have your most challenging SEO problems answered
    • Takeaway advanced tips to take your SEO strategy to the next level
    • We look back on what we have learned about Penguin, what the Penguin 4 update means for your website and protecting yourself from upcoming changes

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker's: Christoph C. Cemper, Judith Lewis, Kristoffer Holter Masden

    Once again, 2016 saw another rise in the popularity of eSports and consequently eSports betting. Not only does this growing vertical attract millennials to betting but also demonstrates the possibility for huge financial revenues over the next few years.

    This panel will discuss the latest updates from eSports and demonstrate how traditional sports betting affiliates can translate players to the eSports market whilst also attracting a brand new audience.

    • Updates on where the industry is right now, the opportunities for success and the challenges to overcome
    • Who bets on eSports? Lessons on how to create content for eSports audience
    • Creating interest from your sports betting customers – can you translate these players to eSports?

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker's: Harry Lang, Mark McGuinness

    The movers and shakers of igaming are taking traditional gaming products and redeveloping them for the mobile-first player. Through an understanding of today’s players and the possibilities of game design, these products increase engagement and loyalty with the future customers of gaming.

    • What lessons can we learn from mobile development of these products?
    • How to promote from an affiliate view point?
    • How can gaming affiliates re-position their business to be at the forefront of innovations?

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Mobile has for a long time been high on the agenda with mobile user statistics growing every year as our online habits continue to change. Google have just upped the stakes again by announcing the launch of a new mobile search index which will prioritise mobile search.

    Mobile can no longer be an afterthought for a business or marketing strategy and with the growing dominance of apps within gaming, there’s a lot to think about for 2017.

    • Google splitting search index to prioritise mobile – what does this mean for your mobile site? Speed vs content
    • AMP pages - what are they and how to use them? Can they increase ranking?

    Location: Conference Room 1

    2016 was a year of increasing uncertainty for UK gaming affiliates regarding future regulation and how they might be implicated. The future is looking potentially more complex from a legal point of view and as such affiliates are responsible for protecting themselves, their players and their businesses.

    • Updates to regulatory situation in UK
    • Updates on responsible gaming and advertising standards
    • What are the risks to affiliates?

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Dhruti Gore

    A joint PR and SEO strategy can help your website strike gold. Having a strong online brand reputation will only ever grow your link acquisition without introducing any black-hat tactics.

    However, many affiliates can ignore PR as a “nice to have” rather than a “need to have” which instantly rules out some effective wins for your SEO goals and the opportunity to grow your business from a website to a brand.

    Andy Barr, Head Yeti at leading PR and SEO agency 10 Yetis, will demonstrate the fundamental tools and real results that can be achieved by a united PR and SEO front in his usual controversial style.

    • What kind of campaigns work (ideas and themes)
    • How you can fast track the volume of links
    • How you can compete with bigger brands
    • Take away of 10 practical tips

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Andy Barr

    Join delegates for our networking lunch.

    Location: Lunch Area

    Lunchtime session delivered by EGO:

    Join us for lunch and a short presentation on our new fairer online casino

    As more players are fed up with online casinos and their confusing terms and conditions, our new Brand does away with punishing T&c’s, wagering requirements and match-deposit bonuses with ridiculous play troughs. The old way of running online casinos doesn’t appeal to players the way it used to. They want fair casinos that reward them without hidden catches.

    Which is where we come in.

    This new brand has been created out of the knowledge that players are ready for a new world of play. This presentation will define the brand vision and will include:

    • Unique brand look and feel
    • A new way of rewarding players
    • Putting players back in control
    • A new transparency in online casinos

    Oh and the name? Come along and hear the big unveil of 2017!

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Ohad Narkis

    Regardless of how new or small your business in terms of resources, there are still fundamental business strategies to follow to ensure you are set up for success. From managing relationships with operators to organising your time and budgets, there is a lot to consider, especially when you’re going it alone.

    Our panelists will share their own learning from building affiliate businesses from nothing to something to offer you practical insight into how to make the most of your website.

    • Strategies to maximise your time and research as an affiliate with limited resources
    • Managing time and budgets without cutting the most important corners
    • Most important ways to invest your resources

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker's: Adam Wilson, Ian Sims, Simon Jones

    Cryptocurrency gambling is here to stay with rapid growth compared to online gambling as a whole. For affiliates, where there is considerable growth, there is opportunity so those yet to look into cryptocurrency seriously might want to think again.

    This session will demonstrate exactly how promoting cryptocurrency casinos and working with bitcoin can benefit affiliates.

    • How price growth can increase profits for your business
    • Best strategies to promote bitcoin operators
    • Innovative opportunities to take advantage of untapped niches within cryptocurrency
    • Learn the important different between real money players and bitcoin players
    • How to safely and effectively market bitcoin as an affiliate

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker's: Oron Barbar, Ivan Montik

    Following the recent crack-down from the Information Commissioner’s Office on affiliates regarding the use of personal data in marketing campaigns, it has never been more important to ensure that you know what legal standards you must adhere to. This session will provide the legal insight to ensure that your data use is not putting you at risk and that you’re protected for the future.

    • Managing users data according to legal standards
    • Terms around emailing and using data
    • Key measures all affiliates must have in place

    Location: Conference Room 1

    After a year of financial instability, our expert panel discuss the future of forex and binary trading. With concerns around the strength of the financial markets as well as on-going problems in binary we look ahead at how to best position your business. From regulation to business and marketing strategies, this panel will debate how best to thrive in financial trading in 2017.

    • Hear from financial experts and brokerages on the latest industry and regulatory developments
    • How has recent negativity around the industry has impacted operations and how the industry is responding
    • Effective marketing strategies and tools to promote forex and binary

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker's: David Woliner, Jaron Veelo, Michael Wolman

    Without comprehensive legal experience or understanding, negotiating your affiliate contract is a huge challenge. From commercial terms and conditions that strengthen the deal and protect you from risky alterations to potential operator mergers that leave your position uncertain, there is a lot to consider and negotiation can seem daunting.

    Ron Segev will share his legal expertise and provide you with his top tips that every affiliate should have with them at all times when agreeing their affiliate deal.

    • How to review and negotiate an affiliate contract
    • Ideas to think outside the box when structuring your affiliate deal
    • How to spot red flags and mitigate risk before entering into a deal or while in a deal

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Ron Segev

    Get networking at the official bars, which will be open from 15:00 - 18:00 and will be serving beer, wine and softdrinks.

    Location: Affiliate & FPE bar

    Join other delegates for the afternoon networking break. Help yourself to tea and coffee before heading into the next conference session or onto the show floor.

    Location: Affiliate & FPE bar

    The sky really is the limit when it comes to the direction and size of an affiliate business but too few are ready to take the risk, think innovatively and ensure their business can compete in an evolving industry.

    We’ve assembled a panel of industry experts who have worked on all sides of the affiliate landscape to discuss the opportunities out there to grow and the necessary steps to take when progressing your business.

    • What affiliates need to know to take their business to the next level
    • Thinking outside the box for new opportunities and business strategies
    • Strategies for affiliates who have long and established relationships with operators and where sending new players is harder

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker's: Andrew Edwards, Lee- Ann Johnstone, Nick Garner

    This year has already proven that the forex and binary industries are not about to stabilise from a regulatory point of view.

    Leading Financial and Gaming Attorney Tal Itzhak Ron, Chairman and CEO of Tal Ron, Drihem and Co. will present a hands-on workshop to provide clarity over recent developments and uncertainties.

    • What is happening in the global binary options regulation space?
    • Are affiliates legally liable to brokers' issues with traders?
    • Content and "Character" Affiliates and deceptive marketing
    • Court rulings you should know about
    • Affiliate and IBs responsibilities comparison

    Location: Conference Room 2

    FinTech was the buzzword for 2016 and has experienced undisputed growth internationally. Every country, every region, every culture needs better, more efficient and more affordable options for spending and saving. And now, financial trading is starting to collide with the growing industry of FinTech. With innovative and disruptive solutions crossing over, how can we expect new financial technologies to impact the industry?

    Quality offerings which don’t discriminate and offer true value must be the pillar in which the technology is built around. To demonstrate how this can be achieved, Roy Sebag, CEO of one of the fastest growing FinTech companies Goldmoney discusses how affiliates can apply the same practices to their own financial businesses and what opportunities lay ahead.

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Roy Sebag

    Many affiliates work towards an ultimate goal of selling their business to achieve a higher financial reward for their hard work. To successfully do so requires a thought-out exit strategy, attractive growth and an understanding of what buyers are looking for.

    This session will provide an insider’s guide to successfully selling your business from the first steps you need to take right through to the final signing on the bottom line.

    • Increase business value and identify most valuable assets
    • Common pitfalls and challenges
    • Understanding if and when exiting is the right strategy

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Erik Bergman

    Binary options trading has been through its challenges in the last year. However, there is still plenty to be positive about for the future of the industry for those companies who take a forward thinking and innovative approach.

    In this session, Stepan Kulik uncovers the truth behind how the industry has changed and demonstrates the marketing and affiliate strategies that are safe and rofitable for the future that have been carefully developed at IQ Option.

    • Effective and approved marketing strategies in binary
    • Identifying and targeting potential customers
    • Friendly and responsible user acquisition techniques that are not damaging to the industry

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Stepan Kulik

    Day one of the conference is over, but the party carries on. Make sure you come and join us for another night of networking at our second party of the event and meeting fellow delegates throughout the evening!

    Location: To be confirmed
    10:00 - 18:00
    LAC and FPE day 3 registration and exhibition open

    Registration for the London Affiliate Conference and the Financial Partners Expo is now open. Please help yourself to complimentary tea and coffee on arrival.

    Please note that the exhibition closes at 18:00.

    Location: ExCel London

    The conference chair for conference room 1 will welcome delegates to the conference and set out the agenda for the day.

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Michael Caselli

    The conference chair for conference room 2 will welcome delegates to the conference and set out the agenda for the day.

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Jake Pollard

    Ranking on generic and popular keywords is becoming increasingly difficult for affiliates and detailed keywords analysis can seem like a daunting process. However, understanding the most effective keywords in your niche is only half the battle. From there, you need a strategy to rank on them.

    Director of Search for award winning SEO agency Branded3, Stephen Kenwright shares the fundamentals of a successful keyword strategy that all affiliates need, as well as looking beyond the basics at some more innovative thinking to maximise your efforts.

    • Understanding specific customer search terms and implementing a suitable strategy
    • Effectively managing keyword database and utilising keyword tools
    • Targeting low difficulty keywords vs targeting most popular search terms for you niche

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Stephen Kenwright

    You can tick all the SEO boxes possible but if the Googlebots can’t crawl and index your site quickly and effectively, it could all be for nothing. Thankfully, there are some essential must-dos that will ensure that you’re helping the bots find your website and index the most useful information for your rankings. From creating a sitemap to optimising your content and even using social media, Lukasz Zelezny will lead you through the best strategies to achieve a well-indexed website.

    • What does Google look for and what does Google rate highly?
    • Utilising tools such as Google search console
    • Internal linking structure
    • Mobile vs desktop indexing

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Lukasz Zelezny

    In affiliate marketing, a lot of our attention and resources are spent on SEO as the only viable option for increasing traffic and conversions. Particularly in gaming and finance where competition is and consequently other marketing opportunities can be missed. However, by making smart decisions, paid marketing can offer cost effective and manageable return on investment.

    • Managing spend to generate realistic and effective ROI for affiliates
    • How to optimise PPC advertising to achieve a high-quality score and the best platforms to be advertising on
    • Specific strategies to grow your affiliate brand
    • Effectively working with Google Adwords

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Neilson Hall

    Join other delegates for the morning networking break. Help yourself to tea and coffee before heading into the next conference session or onto the show floor.

    Location: Affiliate & FPE bar

    We’ve all heard it a million times before; content is king. But, what does this actually mean for your business and do you really know how effective your content strategy is? Today, successful content doesn’t mean just throwing as much out there as possible and seeing what sticks. You need to closely relate content to customers’ intent and ensure that it is unforgettably linked to your brand.

    There are lessons to be learned from successful content which on the surface can seem like sparks of random creative inspiration but deep down can be achieved by some careful analysis and planning that can transform your website content.

    • Generate interesting, effective and creative content to improve website traffic and campaigns
    • Understand the content that resonates with your customers and matches their search intent
    • Define and promote your brand identity and see results in your ranking – Google responds to a recognised brand

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Sharon McFarlane

    Today’s consumer is increasingly concerned by what happens in their social sphere when it comes to brand recognition, trust and their buying decisions. Affiliates are in an opportune position to be involved with engaged social audiences and as a direct result, increase their customer acquisition and website traffic. Harry Hugo, Director of the trend-setting social media experts at The Goat Agency, will demonstrate proven examples of how influencer marketing can transform your social media marketing and see genuine results.

    • Building a social media following that are engaged and vocal
    • How influencer marketing on social channels creates direct acquisition
    • Who are your influencers and how to create social influence – industry evidence in action

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Harry Hugo

    Instagram’s over 400m mobile users are highly engaged. They upload 80m photos and like 3.5 billion posts per day. Yet only 33% of marketers are using Instagram vs. 93% for Facebook despite the fact that the average order value for Instagram is €65 vs. €55 for Facebook. This presentation will focus on how to effectively harness the power of Instagram as an acquisition and retention tool.

    • Utilising high engagement of users on Instagram where you can compete with big names
    • Creating visual content and growing a relevant following
    • Paid media options and tools – strategy to implement and what to avoid

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Gavin Flood

    UX and SEO are on a collision course set to change the search landscape forever. The essence of user experience is well aligned to Google’s ranking factors and as such every affiliate should be incorporating UX into their SEO strategy.

    • Conducting effective user research to understand your customers’ needs
    • Internal or external web development tools
    • Impact of UX on SEO – how are they linked?

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Steve Lee

    Join delegates for our networking lunch, sponsored by Buffalo Partners.

    Location: Lunch area

    It's never been a better time -- or a more daunting time -- to be an affiliate. New disruptive technologies are changing how we shop and how we sell...and even how we experience our digital worlds. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart devices and augmented reality will fundamentally change the landscape for marketers over the next 5 years. And for affiliate marketers, where marketing is at the heart of the entire business model, understanding this new landscape will spell the difference between growth and decline.

    In this session, Sentient Technologies CMO Jon Epstein will look at new technologies disrupting technology today, as well as what's on the horizon. The presentation will inform you about key trends you need to stay aware of, and discuss the kinds of impacts they could have on how you work and the results you can achieve.

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Jon Epstein

    Long-term SEO success can’t be achieved with a short-term strategy focusing solely on quick wins. However, that doesn’t mean you need thousands of pounds or a huge team to achieve great results. Uncover the essential SEO gems that every affiliate needs to maximise their traffic.

    • Identifying priority areas and making simple but effective strategies to boost your rankings
    • Must do SEO tips without spending 000s
    • How to best manage your SEO strategy without a dedicated team
    • Tips for up-skilling yourself towards SEO mastery

    Location: Conference Room 1

    It's been talked about before; ranking on brand phrases, but today this strategy makes more sense than ever. Operators are winning more rankings on generic phrases, squeezing out affiliates and forcing you to rethink your rankings game plan.

    Why are operators getting stronger and stronger rankings? It's because links are losing their power and the vacuum is being filled with engagement signals. If the new battleground is engagement, how can affiliates be really engaging and make loads of money?

    Nick Garner, Founder & CEO Oshi Online Casino will demonstrate how affiliates can rank and convert on brand phrases and why for Oshi Online Casino, to do so is win-win for both the operator and affiliate.

    • Thinking 'engagement first'
    • Targeting operators who are easy to rank on
    • How and why ranking on brand is a fair deal for everyone

    Location: Conference Room 1

    Speaker: Nick Garner

    Customer acquisition remains the main strategic priority for gaming affiliates. Personalisation historically has struggled to deliver on its promise. So how do you achieve true one-to-one communications with consumers regardless of their chosen device, browser or channel?

    Firstly, you need to identify the visitor as an individual, before understanding their online digital behaviour to determine how best to achieve your conversion goals. Secondly, optimising your site to react in real time to visitor behaviour will result in a higher affiliate click rate via a drastically improved UX. Doing so creates a truly personalised experience from the affiliate site to the brand, unlocking a win-win opportunity for affiliates and advertisers in the form of an increased conversion rate.

    Join Kris Mobayeni, Director of Conversion Strategy at Bounce X as he uses real-life case studies to explain how Behavioural Marketing can accelerate customer acquisition and drive incremental revenues.

    • Achieving one-to-one communications with users
    • Understanding individuals online behaviour
    • Optimise your site to respond in real time to increase click rate and UX

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker: Kris Mobayeni

    Join other delegates for the afternoon networking break. Help yourself to tea and coffee before heading into the next conference session or onto the show floor.

    Location: Affiliate & FPE bar

    In 2017 we expect more and more from the online platforms we use to find high quality and relevant information super quickly. To ensure you can stay ahead of the curve, we debate the future of search engines and how our behaviours and developing technology could impact the way we search for an find information online

    • Consider the rise of social media to consume and search for information
    • Will voice search replace screen search with the development of personal assistants?
    • How will these trends impact the affiliate landscape and what could the new opportunities for success be?

    Location: Conference Room 2

    Speaker's: Gerald Murphy, Martin McGarry, Stephen Kenwright

    The closing party will be part of the iGB Affiliate Awards will once again take place during the London Affiliate Conference 2017. LAC is taking place between the 9th - 12th February 2017 at ExCeL with the awards taking place on the 11th February at the Brewery. For the second year running, the iGB Affiliate Awards will be free to attend for everyone registered for the London Affiliate Conference.

    Location: The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SD

    Our closing night networking party comes with a real VIP feel, watch this space for our venue this year. Make the most of your final night in London by joining us in celebrating a great conference and dancing into the early hours of the morning.

    Closing Networking Party Venue: To be confirmed
    13:00 - 16:00
    LAC and FPE Sunday session sponsored by Intertops

    Farewell! Until next time! But don't leave too quickly - if you have some time before rushing to the airport, come and have a final goodbye drink with us. A long-standing iGB Affiliate event tradition, the Sunday session lets you unwind and catch up with industry friends and partners. The follow-up emails will still be waiting for you on Monday. So, enjoy the good company of your fellow delegates.

    Venue: To be confirmed


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